How Much Must You Earn to Qualify for SASSA Grant

In the year 2024, understanding the eligibility criteria for SASSA grants is crucial for those seeking financial assistance in South Africa. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) considers both income and asset thresholds to determine eligibility for various grants, including the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350, Child Support, Care Dependency, Older Person Grant, and more.

SASSA Means Test: Assessing Your Eligibility

The SASSA Means Test evaluates your monthly and annual income, as well as the assets in your possession, to ascertain your eligibility for financial assistance. It’s imperative to stay within the specified limits to qualify for the SASSA Grant.

Income Thresholds for SASSA Grants

1. SRD R350 Grant

To qualify for the SRD R350 grant, your maximum monthly income should not exceed R624, with your bank account balance staying below this limit. This temporary financial assistance program is available monthly for South African citizens and refugees.

2. Child Support Grant

  • Single Applicants or Caregivers: Maximum monthly income of R4,000.
  • Married Couples: Combined income should not exceed R8,000 per month.

Permanent Child Support Grant recipients should not exceed an annual income of R60,000, inclusive of bank balance and assets.

3. Foster Child Grant

Foster Child Grant recipients are exempt from income or asset assessments. Caregivers appointed by a South African Court to care for foster children can apply with their court order documents and ID.

4. Care Dependency Grant

Parents applying for the Care Dependency Grant for children over 18 must have a monthly income less than R20,800. The combined income of both parents should not exceed R41,600 per month to be eligible.

5. Old Age Grant

  • Single Recipients: Maximum annual income is R96,840.
  • Couples: Monthly income should not exceed R16,140, with an annual income below R193,680.

6. Disability Grant

Applicants for the SASSA Disability Grant should not earn more than R16,140 per month. For married applicants, the combined assets should not exceed an annual income of R193,680.

7. War Veterans Grant

  • Single Applicants: Maximum annual income is R86,280.
  • Married Applicants: Combined maximum annual income threshold is R172,560.

It’s crucial to note that the income threshold for both SASSA Older Person and Disability Grants is the same.

Understanding and Adhering to SASSA Income Limits

To successfully qualify for a SASSA grant, individuals must adhere to the specific income limits associated with each grant type. This criterion applies to both single individuals and married couples. Before initiating the SASSA online application process, it is essential to review and comprehend these income limits. By ensuring that your earnings remain below the specified limit, you can secure monthly financial assistance through the SASSA Grant program in 2024.

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