Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners

As the golden years unfold, senior citizens aged 60 and above may find themselves in need of 24-hour care and support, especially if family members are not available. Fortunately, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers the Old Age Grant, commonly known as the old age pension, accompanied by the provision of old age homes through the Department of Social Development (DSD).

Applying for Old Age Home for SASSA Pensioners in 2024

If you are a SASSA pensioner seeking comprehensive care, including frail care, an old age home could be a suitable solution. These facilities are staffed with dedicated caregivers who provide frail care and nursing assistance, ensuring a comfortable living environment for elderly or impaired individuals.

Qualifying for Frail Care: Requirements for SASSA Pensioners

To be eligible for admission to an old age home, you must meet specific criteria:

  1. Receipt of SASSA Old Age Grant or Pension Fund.
  2. Need for Full-Time Care due to Health or Frailty with a Medical Report.
  3. Age 60 or Older and Impoverished.
  4. South African Citizenship with a Valid Identity Document.

Admission Process for Old Age Homes: A Step-by-Step Guide

To initiate the admission process, SASSA pensioners can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the nearest Department of Social Development office.
  2. Obtain an Old Age Home application and fill out the required form.
  3. Attach necessary documents, including your South African ID and a medical report.
  4. Submit completed application forms with the required documents.
  5. Undergo a screening test to determine eligibility for admission and subsidy.
  6. If unable to visit in person, have a family member or friend apply on your behalf.
  7. A social worker will conduct a home visit to assess living conditions.
  8. In case of non-approval, receive a written explanation for the decision.

By choosing old age home care, seniors can access comprehensive physical and mental health care while retaining independence. Keep in mind that admission is subject to bed availability.

Important Note on Social Grant Reduction

If admitted to an institution contracted with the state, the social grant is reduced to 25% after the fourth month, continuing until discharge. The grant is reinstated upon discharge.

Admission Processing Time: What to Expect

The Department of Social Development processes old age home admission applications within 14 days, providing a response within 30 days after application submission.

Listed Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners Across South Africa

Explore the list of old age homes across various regions:

North West

  • Rustenburg: Rustenburg Old Age Home

Western Cape

  • Cape Town: Athlone Old Age Home


  • Boksburg: Boksburg Old Age Home
  • Johannesburg: Alexandra, Eldorado Park, Golden Harvest, Lenasia South, Protea Glen, Randburg, Roodepoort, South Hills, Soweto
  • Krugersdorp: Krugersdorp Old Age Home
  • Pretoria: Pretoria North Old Age Home


  • Durban: Durban North, Isipingo, KwaMashu, Phoenix
  • Pietermaritzburg: Pietermaritzburg Old Age Home


  • Polokwane: Polokwane Old Age Home


  • Nelspruit: Nelspruit Old Age Home

SASSA pensioners have the opportunity to live their golden years comfortably through the Old Age Grant and admission to well-equipped old age homes, receiving the care and support they deserve in 2024.

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