SASSA Means Test

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) means test is a critical eligibility assessment for South Africans applying for social grants in 2024. This test determines whether an applicant has sufficient income and assets to support themselves and their dependents. Understanding the SASSA means test ensures your application is seamlessly approved.

What Is the SASSA Means Test?

The SASSA means test thoroughly evaluates an applicant’s financial situation, including income, expenses, assets, and employment status. By comparing this information to thresholds set by the South African government, SASSA can determine whether an applicant genuinely requires state financial assistance.

How the Means Test Checks Eligibility

The means test has two main components when checking eligibility:

Income Assessment

Your total household income from all sources, including employment, investments, pensions, and child maintenance, is calculated. This is compared to the income threshold for your grant category. Income below the threshold is more likely to be approved.

Asset Evaluation

Your assets, such as property, vehicles, investments and savings are totaled. The asset value threshold for your grant type is applied. Assets below the threshold are more likely to be approved.

Important Note:

 Your bank balance can influence your eligibility for the SASSA Means Test. It’s crucial to maintain a low bank account balance to ensure you qualify for SASSA payments and avoid potential declines.

Ongoing Eligibility Reviews

The means test is not a one-time process. SASSA periodically re-checks the eligibility of approved grant beneficiaries:

Monthly Reviews

After approval, your income and assets are re-tested every 30 days. This confirms you still satisfy the means test thresholds.

Reporting Changed Circumstances

You must promptly inform SASSA if your financial situation changes while receiving a grant. Increased income or assets could affect your eligibility.

Important Notice:

 SASSA reviews each new applicant’s application, as well as those already approved as SASSA beneficiaries, to assess their eligibility for monthly grants. The Means Test ensures that every beneficiary remains eligible, and if they no longer qualify, resources are redirected to support other needy citizens.

How the Means Test Prioritizes Need

The means test ensures limited social grant funding reaches South Africans who need it most. By assessing incomes and assets, SASSA can direct funds to individuals and families facing genuine financial hardship.

Preventing Misuse of Grant Funds

The means test also aims to prevent misuse of social grants. For married applicants, SASSA considers combined household income and assets, reducing potential abuse. This maintains integrity and targets those in need.

Grants Requiring the SASSA Means Test

The means test applies to all SASSA social grant categories, including:

This includes new applicants submitting an online application and existing beneficiaries up for eligibility review.

Means Test Thresholds for Income and Assets

Each grant category has defined income and asset thresholds. Your eligibility is determined by remaining below these limits:

Older Person’s, Disability, and War Veteran’s Grants

  • Single Person: Income less than R92,520 pa. Assets below R1,313,400.
  • Married: Combined income under R185,040 pa. Combined assets below R2,626,800.

Child Support Grant

  • Single: Income below R57,600 pa.
  • Married: Combined income less than R115,200 pa.

Foster Child Grant

  • No means test. Court order conferring foster care required.

Care Dependency Grant

  • Single: Assets below R238,800.
  • Married: Combined assets under R477,600.

SRD R350 Income and Asset Thresholds

The Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant has the following means test requirements:

  • Individual applicants only.
  • Income less than R624 per month.
  • SASSA reviews bank statements monthly.

Increased SRD Threshold Announcement

Recent changes increased the SRD means test threshold from R350 to R624 monthly income. Applicants with total monthly income deposits below R624 can now qualify for the R350 grant.

Staying updated on means test requirements avoids disruptions to your vital grant assistance. By determining financial need, the SASSA means test ensures South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens can access essential support.

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