SASSA Referred Status

If your SASSA application status displays Referred, it’s crucial to comprehend the implications and take appropriate steps. Whether you’ve applied for a Disability, Care Dependency, Children’s Grant, Old Age Grant, or the Social Relief of Distress R350, encountering a Referred status doesn’t finalize your application. Here’s what you need to know about SASSA Referred Status in 2024.

What Does SASSA Referred Status Mean?

When your SASSA application shows a Referred Status, it signifies that your application is undergoing additional scrutiny. The SASSA National Authorities are meticulously reviewing your financial details to ensure accuracy and eligibility before reaching a final decision.

Reasons for SASSA Referring Your Application

  1. ID Document Matches Other Databases: If your ID number aligns with records in databases like NSFAS, SARS, UIF, or other government institutions in South Africa, your status will be marked as referred.
  2. Documentation Issues: Missing or incorrect documents in your grant application can lead to a referred status. Ensure all necessary paperwork is submitted accurately.
  3. Missing Contact Information: If your application lacks a valid email address or phone number, update your personal information to proceed.
  4. Suspected Fraud Activity: Reporting a lost SASSA Card, registering a new cell phone number, or suspecting unauthorized access may trigger a fraud investigation, resulting in a referred status.
  5. Duplicate Applications: Submitting multiple applications for the same or different grants may lead to a referred status. Your grant will be rejected, and you’ll be notified when the status changes.

What to Do If Your Application Is Referred

If you encounter a SASSA Referred status, promptly contact SASSA for clarification. Maintain correct documentation for reconsideration and approval.

  1. Contact SASSA: Reach out via the toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11 or the SASSA WhatsApp number at 0820 468 553.
  2. Verification: Provide your ID number and phone number for verification, followed by your Application ID to clarify doubts and correct details.
  3. Lost SASSA Reference Number: If you’ve lost your reference number, seek assistance from SASSA to retrieve this unique identifier for your application.

In 2024, navigating the SASSA Referred Status requires clear communication with SASSA authorities and ensuring your application details are accurate and up-to-date. Stay informed and proactive to move towards a successful resolution.

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