Understanding Your SASSA Status in 2024

In 2024, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides social relief for qualifying citizens. If you’ve applied for SASSA grants, it’s important to understand what your application status means going forward. This article will break down the key SASSA status results you may receive when checking your application.


If your SASSA application shows “Approved”, congratulations – SASSA has officially granted your social relief claim. This means you meet all eligibility criteria and will start receiving regular monthly payouts to support your needs.

The approval notification will specify the exact payout amount you will receive each month. It will also include a unique Reference ID and Application ID associated with your social relief case. Be sure to record these numbers for future administrative purposes.

Not Qualified / Rejected

A “Not Qualified” or “Rejected” status means your SASSA application unfortunately does not satisfy program requirements. There are strict eligibility requirements all applicants must meet to qualify for social relief aid.

If your claim has been rejected, you did not meet one or more of these criteria based on the details provided. Common reasons for application rejections include:

  • Monthly income over minimum thresholds
  • Failure to pass the means test
  • Too much money (>R624) in your bank account
  • Employment listed in the NSFAS or UIF databases

If you feel there has been an error or have updates to correct your eligibility status, you may submit an appeal request to SASSA.


Seeing a “Pending” status for your SASSA application means your claim is still being reviewed by national authorities. Social relief claims undergo a comprehensive verification process – so pending should not cause alarm.

Applications can remain pending for some weeks as your details are checked across multiple government databases to confirm eligibility. You will receive further notification once the review is complete.

A pending claim may also indicate you need to update your SASSA payment method to start receiving payouts. Be sure your desired bank account or Sassa Gold card is linked and activated.

Cancelled / Declined

If your prior social relief claim shows as “Cancelled” or “Declined”, it means your existing grant has been discontinued by SASSA for a specific reason.

Common reasons for a cancelled or declined status include:

  • Updated income information no longer meets thresholds
  • A change in employment or financial status
  • Excess funds detected in your bank account
  • Errors or inconsistencies in your continued eligibility

Be sure to review the detailed reason provided for your grant cancellation to determine if you still qualify for aid or need to go through the application process again.

Bank Details Pending

Applicants may also see a “Bank Details Pending” status displayed. This means you have an approved SASSA claim but have not yet linked a bank account or activated your Sassa Gold card.

To receive your monthly social relief disbursements, you need to provide valid banking details – otherwise SASSA has no way to pay out your awarded funds. If you have no bank account, promptly register for a Sassa Gold card at your nearest regional office.

Next Steps After Checking Your Status

After viewing your latest SASSA application status, be sure to take any appropriate next steps indicated. This may include providing additional verification documents, updating your payment information, or reapplying if your prior claim was rejected or cancelled.

Acting quickly after checking your status will help ensure prompt aid in times of need. Reach out to SASSA representatives with any questions or concerns.