Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status Online

In South Africa, the SASSA Child Support Grant serves as a crucial financial lifeline for lower-income households, assisting them in meeting the basic needs of their children. This grant, designed to bridge the cost-of-living gap, is akin to the SASSA Foster Child Grant. It’s important to note that only one application will be accepted at a time for either of these grants.

How to Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status Online

If you are the primary caregiver of a child, whether a parent, grandparent, or anyone responsible for the child’s care, you can conveniently verify the status of your Child Support Grant online in 2024. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the SASSA Status Check Portal: Navigate to to access the online portal.
  2. Enter Relevant Details: Input the South African ID Number of the child’s parent, guardian, or primary caregiver. Additionally, provide the cell phone number associated with the SASSA Child Support Grant application.
  3. Submission of Request: Click the ‘Submit’ button to send your request to the SASSA database.
  4. Processing: The web portal will process your application, and the status results for your children’s grant application will be displayed.

Important Update: As of 2023, the Child Support Grant has been increased to R500, with an additional top-up of R250 scheduled for the this year, 2024.

Ineligibility Criteria for SASSA Child Support Grant

You may not be eligible to receive the SASSA Child Support Grant under certain circumstances, such as:

  • Being paid to look after the child.
  • Not being the child’s primary caregiver.
  • Someone else already receiving a grant for the child.
  • Representing an institution taking care of the child.

Note: Eligibility is determined through a means test, assessing asset and income thresholds.

Understanding the SASSA Child Grant Amount

The child support grant amount may change annually, and currently stands at R500 per month per child. During the application process, you can specify your preferred payment method, whether in cash at a designated pay point or electronically deposited into your bank account.

Please be aware that normal bank charges apply to transactions involving your bank account, and you can change the payment method by completing a form, with the change taking effect one month later.

Initiating SASSA Children’s Grant Payments

If your Child Support Grant application is approved, you can expect to start receiving payments within three months, with payments being backdated to the date of your application.

However, it’s crucial to note the circumstances under which SASSA payments may cease, including the child passing away, turning 18, the caregiver failing to claim for three consecutive months, the child being absent from the country, or the child being admitted to a state institution.

Important Notice: Your grant will undergo periodic reviews to ensure continued eligibility, and it is imperative to inform the department of any changes in your or your child’s circumstances.

Contact for Enquiries

For any inquiries related to the SASSA Child Support Grant, you can reach out to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) through the following channels:

Enquire about pay-out dates, qualifying rules for government grants, district office addresses and contact numbers, assistance with your application, and reporting any instances of fraud or corruption.

By following these guidelines and utilizing the official SASSA links, you can confidently navigate the process of checking the SASSA Child Support Grant status online in 2024, ensuring accurate and secure information for your child’s welfare.