SASSA Status Check April 2024 Payment Dates

In April 2024, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has confirmed the grant payment dates for beneficiaries across various social grants. Sassa’s commitment to distributing more than 18 million permanent grants each month underscores its crucial role in supporting vulnerable individuals and families.

Grant Payment Dates for April 2024

Beneficiaries can expect the following payment dates:

Sassa adheres to a payment policy that excludes weekends and public holidays, thereby ensuring timely distribution of funds. However, due to the commencement of April with a public holiday, beneficiaries will receive their grants a day later.

Importance of Grant Payment Dates

While beneficiaries anticipate their payments, it’s crucial to understand that once the funds are deposited into their bank accounts, there’s no urgency to withdraw immediately. Sassa emphasizes that the money will remain in the accounts until required, promoting financial security and stability among beneficiaries.

Increased Grant Payments

Notably, all permanent grants distributed by Sassa will see an increase starting April 2024, as announced during the 2024 Budget Speech. This increase aims to alleviate financial strain and enhance the well-being of beneficiaries.

  • Older Persons, Disability, War Veterans, and Care Dependency Grants will witness a total increase of R100. However, beneficiaries will experience a R90 increase in April, with the remaining R10 to be implemented later in the year.
  • The Foster Child Grant will receive a R50 increase, raising the monthly amount to R1,180.
  • For the Child Support Grant, there will be a R20 increment, bringing the monthly sum to R530.
  • Beneficiaries receiving the Child Support Grant Top-Up will benefit from a total of R780 per month (R530 + R250).


As April 2024 unfolds, Sassa continues its mission to provide essential financial support to those in need. The timely distribution of grants and the implementation of increased payments underscore Sassa’s commitment to fostering financial security and improving the quality of life for beneficiaries.