SASSA SRD Grant Increase From April 2024

As we enter the new year of 2024, over 8 million South Africans anxiously await news of an increase in the SASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. This grant has been a lifeline for millions since its introduction in May 2020, providing R350 per month to applicants facing financial distress. With rising inflation, many beneficiaries hope for a boost to keep up with the soaring cost of living.

In February 2024, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) published its payment schedule for the first quarter, fueling speculation that an increase may finally materialize. According to reports, SASSA is considering raising the SRD grant from R350 to R413 per month starting in April 2024 – a significant jump of R63.

This potential 18% increase would come as a great relief to the nearly 8.5 million recipients who depend on the monthly payments. With grocery, petrol and utility prices continuing to climb, an extra R63 could help cover urgent necessities.

Confirmation from Deputy President Paul Mashatile

The rumors of an increase gained credibility when Deputy President Paul Mashatile officially announced the news on social media in February. In a statement, Mashatile acknowledged that the current R350 grant amount falls short of keeping pace with inflation. He revealed that a review is planned for 2024 to bring the SRD grant more in line with economic realities.

This announcement lines up with recent government documents indicating the SASSA extended R350 grant to 2025. It seems the planned increase to R413 aligns with Mashatile’s stated goal of adjusting the grant based on prevailing inflation trends. For beneficiaries struggling to make ends meet, this mark-up can’t come soon enough.

Will the Increase Be Enough?

The looming question is whether R413 will be sufficient to contend with South Africa’s runaway inflation. As of February 2024, the annual inflation rate has already topped 6.9% – the highest level in years. With economists predicting it could breach 7% in 2024, an extra R63 per month may still fall short of covering the skyrocketing cost of living.

At the very least, this adjustment will provide some relief rather than no increase at all. But many advocates argue a more substantial raise is necessary to lift beneficiaries beyond the poverty line. Either way, recipients will welcome the forthcoming boost to their income.

Other Social Grants in 2024

With an SRD grant increase imminent, attention turns to whether other social grants might also see a bump this year. SASSA provides regular payments to over 18 million South Africans through grants like the Older Person’s Grant, Disability Grant, Child Support Grant and Foster Child Grant.

These recipients deeply feel the strain of rising prices too. Given Mashatile’s intent to align grants with inflation, SASSA may be planning increases to other social grants as well in 2024.

As we advance through the first quarter of 2024, beneficiaries eagerly await official confirmation of the rumored R413 raise. While debate continues around whether the increase is sufficient, SASSA’s adjustment would undeniably provide some measure of relief when it’s needed most. For now, recipients can take heart that an boost is likely approaching.


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