SASSA Children Grants Distribution Starts From 6 February 2024

In a much-needed update for thousands of South African families, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has announced that the distribution of Child Support Grants and Foster Child Grants will commence on February 6, 2024. This brings relief to countless recipients who dealt with payment delays and uncertainty in January 2024.

SASSA aims to facilitate double grant payments in February 2024 – issuing the unpaid January child grants simultaneously with this month’s regular children’s grants. This measure intends to support vulnerable children and families affected by the delays who rely on the essential income support.

Rectifying January 2024 Payment Delays

The delay in SASSA’s January 2024 social grant payments, particularly for Child Support and Foster Child Grants, caused widespread concern among unpaid beneficiaries. SASSA officials attributed the backlogs to technical verification issues and administrative challenges.

However, decisive action has now been taken to address the underlying problems and accelerate the delayed disbursement process. Minister Lindiwe Zulu, who heads SASSA, has given assurances that all eligible unpaid recipients will promptly receive double payments in February.

This effectively rights the wrongs for thousands of South Africans who faced uncertainty and hardship due to missing grant income in January 2024.

SASSA Status Check for Unpaid Grants

Recipients who did not receive their Child Support Grant or Foster Child Grant payments in January 2024 are advised to conduct the SASSA status check online to review their grant approval status.

If your grants for both January and February 2024 are approved, you can expect to receive two payments during this cycle – amounting to the missed January income supplemented with February’s regular installments.

However, if your January grant was declined due to means test failure but your February grant is approved, you will only receive the February payment.

February 6 Marks Commencement of Double Payments

With the green light for double payments coming directly from Minister Zulu, SASSA is gearing up to commence transferring outstanding monies owed to recipients.

February 6, 2024 officially marks the start date for issuance of the delayed January income in tandem with the regularly scheduled February children’s grants. This will come as a huge relief for unpaid beneficiaries who have patiently awaited rectification of the payment backlogs.

By managing to organize simultaneous payments to clear arrears, SASSA hopes to support vulnerable children and families through the double payments. With the money rightfully being channeled to recipients in need, the focus can return to the wellbeing of South Africa’s children.

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